Alex was born in North Vancouver, where he and his family have been given the luxury of exploring the best of Whistler since his first season at age 2. After graduating from UBC with a degree in Business Commerce specializing in Real Estate, and a background in the industry from Polygon Homes Ltd. he knew that Whistler was his place to call home and that his passion was in helping others find theirs.

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July Condominium Phase 1 Market Update

A Steady Increase
Exciting look at the condominium phase 1 market in Whistler.

The Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 Zoning in Whistler

Understand the difference
There are two main types of rental covenants on condominiums in Whistler, phase 1 and phase 2 zoning. They pertain to the amount of personal and rental use that the owner is allowed. 

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Alex Mounsey

I spend my time away from work, skiing, playing squash, golfing, and mountaineering. I am always available for a phone call, coffee or adventure to connect! I look forward to bringing the best of Whistler to you.


(778) 839 6456


#17 – 4308 Main Street Whistler, BC Canada V8E 1A9